Signature Models

RF-83, RF-84, RF-85

Read more...Originally Designed for Vancouver Singer/Songwriter Roy Forbes. The RF is a mid- sized,15.5" body ,with rounded cutaway. Perfectly balanced for the Soloist. One of Our most requested steel String guitars.

BE-87C 'Bob Evans'

Read more...BE-87C Bob Evans Model. A fantastic new signature model made specially for award winning fingerstyle guitarist Bob Evans. The 16" body of this guitar combined with its many custom features, makes this a truly great fingerstyle instrument. The custom laminated and graphite reinforced neck provides a high degree of stability while changing tunings.

SSD-83CJ ‘Colin James' Model

Read more...SSD-83CJ  Colin James Model.The new and updated version of six time Juno award winner Colin James' 1977 Sawchyn flatop.
Watch Colin James play his Sawchyn Guitar at the Saskatoon Jazz Festival on June 25th, 2011. More SSD models are here.