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Goodtime Banjo Ukulele

Read more...Goodtime Banjo Ukulele - If you are searching for an instrument that is fun and easy to play in literally any setting, then the Goodtime banjo ukulele might be just what you are looking for!


About Amahi Ukuleles

Read more... Amahi Ukuleles have just arrived at Sawchyn Guitars! These beautiful ukuleles are a great addition to our new "Small Instrument Room". Amahi is a branch of Amati‚Äôs Fine Instruments, a 25-year-old Cincinnati-based strings supplier with diverse offerings of violins, violas, cellos, and basses (and accessories), and does a fabulous job using exotic woods for these little gems. 

Check out a full length article here on the Amahi products.

Amahi Classic Zebrawood UK330

Read more...Amahi Classic Zebrawood UK330

Amahi Classic Rosewood UK440

Read more...Amahi Classic Rosewood UK440

Amahi Classic Flamed Maple UK550

Read more...Amahi Classic Flamed Maple UK550

Amahi Classic Quilted Ash UK880

Read more...Amahi Classic Quilted Ash UK880

Amahi Snail Camphor Burl

Read more...Amahi Snail Camphor Burl

OHANA Ukuleles

Read more... Welcome to Ohana, where you will find the many hand-crafted ukulele models we offer - from soprano to baritone, mahogany to selected koa from the islands of Hawaii, conventional to vintage models, plus unique ones for those who are looking for something different.


Read more... SK-30L Ohana Ukuleles Long-Neck All-Solid Mahogany Soprano


Read more... SK-21M Ohana Ukuleles Premium Mahogany Sopranino
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