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Rainsong Guitars

Rainsong Guitars

A unique guitar RainSongs are the world's first all-graphite acoustic guitar--body, neck, fretboard and bridge are all made out of pure graphite/composite. Rainsong Guitars are made entirely without braces for greater acoustic volume and clean, detailed tone. Rainsong Guitars are impervious to Humidity and Temperature changes the inherent strength of graphite means a guitar that can survive travel and changes in the environment, while the stability of graphite means a guitar that will stay in tune, evidenced by the fact that all RainSongs are shipped from the factory tuned to concert pitch. Rainsongs are the perfect guitar for the prairies cold dry winters and hot summers!!

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Rainsong Al Petteway Model

Read more... Al Petteway Limited Edition - An Om size body and twelve fret neck make this a great fingerstyle guitar.These are great sounding and playing guitars, with all carbon fibre and graphite construction, never worry about weather or temperature again! Tune less, play more! These are fitted with the Fishman Premium Blend System,Gotoh 510 series machineheads and a deluxe case. You will be amazed at the playability and sound.